Yasss for Yellow

Adding colour to the wardrobe is an absolute must in my opinion. My favourite colour at the moment is without a doubt yellow. The colour not only screams summer but is just filled with happiness. Normally I would only go with one bright yellow coloured piece, but thought I would try something different for a change. Yellow on yellow with a touch of Gingham. 

What's your favourite colour at the moment?

Shirt: PinkoJacket: PinkoSkirt: Pinko

Belt: Pinko  Shoes: Kurt Geiger

Handbag: Chanel  Sunglasses: Bottega Veneta

Photo: @chrislens3

Autumn Flower Power

Managed to escape from Singapore this weekend to one of my favourite cities, London. A city full of charm, character and elegance where everything is almost picture perfect. And I could not have asked for better company roaming around the streets of London than the wonderful @meanderingmacaron.

Needless to say it was the perfect time to visit with autumn in full swing, giving me a great excuse to pull out the thigh high boots and layer with my favourite item of the season, the coveted denim jacket! Unfortunately for me, walking around London in 10cm heels was probably not the most practical of ideas as after about 30min my ankles were destroyed to say the least. Thankfully @meanderingmacaron and I managed to find a pair of affordable Zara loafers to continue our walk about that made an unexpectedly pretty nifty look.

So which look do you prefer? The planned thigh high boots or the accidental loafers?

DSC05778 copy.jpg

Dress: Zara  Jacket: Zara (similar) 

Jumper: Uniqlo Boots: Pinko (Similar)

Shoes: Zara  Handbag: Chloe (Similar)  Sunglasses: Dior

Photo: @meanderingmacaron

New York, New York #NYFW

New York, how I hated you and grew to love you I will never know. You made me feel like an ant in a really big big world where everything is seemingly larger than life. Perhaps I was just intimidated until I got to know you. Guess it's kind of what people say when they meet me and then finally get to know me. Perspective.

Needless to say I was beyond happy to be back in the Big Apple. Seemingly, it's always a must when headed to the US. And this time, New York had a special surprise! It was New York Fashion Week! Completely unplanned as I was in the US for a family wedding. Coincidence or fate? I'd like to say fate. After all everything in life happens for a reason. A constant chain reaction of events. 

Of course I couldn't attend any shows, after all I am a 'no-one' that just happens to be a fashion addict but that wasn't gonna stop me from soaking up the vibrant bustle and excitement that is NYFW. So I kitted up, headed down to meat packing district to check out The Shop @NYFW where friend and talented artist Bradley Theodore had an incredible mural on the shop wall! If you don't know his work,  check it out. You will fall in love! 

So aside from checking out the official shop, I got to do a bit of shopping, walk the High Line and get a taste of the NYFW buzz with bloggers and fashionistas roaming the city streets.  I wore my favorite new skirt from Pinko plus a detailed leather jacket finished with sneakers. Of course everything I was wearing was last season, but hey who cares? Plus as an added bonus, I managed to actually get some style compliments! Score!

Let me know what you think of this look by popping a comment below. 


Jacket: Pinko T-Shirt: Zara (Similar) Skirt: Pinko

Choker: Louvisa Necklace: Vuitton

Bracelet: Stella Jean Bag: Vuitton

Bag Charm: Fendi (Similar) Sunglasses: Dior 

Sneakers: Adidas

LA Dining Hot spots

As always eating my way through places with good food is always a must while on holiday. Thanks to my awesome friends and my better half for all the wonderful dining experiences. Unfortunately,  I couldn't make it to all the places given the limited time in LA but here are the 5 I did try and would recommend the next time you are in LA if you haven't already tried them. 

1 . The Ivy

Photo credit: The Ivy

Photo credit: The Ivy

This is by far my favorite place! Managed to swing by for a late lunch on the 4 July. Upon arrival I was greeted with a glass of bubbly on the house and given a quaint spot on the inside by the window. The decor was an eclectic mix of things with beautifully colored roses on each table. The outside was just as spectacular with guests patiently waiting 40min+ for a table outside. So if you plan on going and sitting outside, it might be best to book.

By far my favourite dish of the holiday was at The Ivy. Oven roasted lobster stuffed with Alaskan crab. Words cannot even begin to describe this dish. Cooked to perfection... it was a little slice of heaven on a plate. If shellfish ain't your thing, then would highly recommend the grilled swordfish. Incredible flavours... I almost felt like I was back in Italy. 

If you can only go to one restaurant on this list, this would be it. Loved it so much that I went back 3 times in a week. 

For the fellow gluten free peeps, they unfortunately don't have any gluten free bread but they do have plenty of gluten free options!

2. Ivory on Sunset

Photo credit: Mary Buck

Photo credit: Mary Buck

If you want a champion breakfast and you love lobster, then this is the place! The outside tables have a beautiful view. The lobster scramble is beyond yum! I loved it so much that I went back for this brekkie twice. Plus to add to my joy, they have gluten free bread! And the gluten free bread actually tasted great compared to the usual sad cardboard taste I've sadly become accustomed to.

3. Cecconi's

Photo credit: Cecconi's

Photo credit: Cecconi's

Yearning for a little piece of London, this place was a must on my to hit list given Cecconi's is one my hot spots in London. The menu however is different and not quite like London to be honest. However the great thing about this Cecconis though is that they had gluten free pasta and I got to indulge in one of my favorite dishes and yes it involves lobster yet again... Spaghetti, maine lobster, chili saffron and basil! Need I say more? 

4. Geoffrey's

Photo credit: Geoffrey's

Photo credit: Geoffrey's

Located in Malibu, it's a bit of distance to get there in my opinion but definitely worth it. I would highly recommend requesting to sit outdoors as the view is just spectacular. I would go there for the view alone! It's a nice relaxing and romantic place. The food in my opinion did not quite match up to some of the places on this list but was still good. For the gluten intolerant peeps, there are gluten free options but they aren't plentiful and sadly they don't have any gluten free bread. 

5. Chateau Marmont

Photo credit: Simon Batters

Photo credit: Simon Batters

This place was one place I was super hyped up to see and experience. I could easily see why based on the decor and the ambience. Food was ok but service was probably the worst. Definitely not a luxury 5 star experience in my opinion. That aside the place is beautiful, hence it earns a spot in my LA dining hot spots.  

Which are your LA dining hotspots? Let me know by popping a comment below

Hollywood Chic

A mix of trendy locations and a laid back atmosphere, make Lalaland the perfect place to mix style and comfort! Pairing comfy satin trousers with sporty side stripe details with a floral pattern twist together with a frilly white cotton top make for a formidable combination. To add to that laid back feeling, a pair of comfy white sneakers were the way to go. Finished off with a pair of 60's inspired sunglasses and a statement bag to add a touch of fun, I definitely felt like my very own movie star. The star of my own story! The star of my life! 

What are your thoughts on this look? Love it or hate it? Let me know what you think by posting a comment below. 


 Shirt: Pinko Trousers: Pinko

Shoes: Isabel Marant Bag: Pinko

Sunglasses: Dior 

Denim Mini Come Back

As you may know mini skirts and me are like oil and water. We just don't quite mix well mostly due to my cellulite laden leg complexity. Something I should probably seriously consider doing something about, but that's for another day. Getting back to me and the mini skirt... the summer holiday spirit coaxed me into whipping out my denim mini from over 10 years ago and braving my cellulite to the world. Thankfully for me, I still just about managed to squeeze myself into them! To give the old mini an update, I paired it with a black slogan t-shirt, long white oversized vest, yellow coloured canvas tote, gladiator sandals and a pair of 60 inspired sunnies. 

Win or fail? Let me know your thoughts by posting a comment below. 


T-Shirt: Zara (similar) Skirt: Dolce and Gabanna (similar)

Vest: Zara (similar) Shoes: Valentino Bag: Chanel

Bag charm: Fendi (similar) Sunglasses: Dior 

I'm an ex-model... So what?

The word "model" is defined as a person employed to display clothing by wearing them. It's a job like any other, so why does it bring about a multitude of perceptions, judgements and a mixture of connotations. And why does being called an "ex-model" sometimes ruffle my feathers?


Meant as an endorsement to my external physicality, being called an ex-model can be seen in a positive light. That being said, why would such an endorsement be required? But I guess what perplexes me most is when upon introduction it's always the first thing that is mentioned. Being a physician, is always a secondary input or not mentioned at all. Why is that? Is external beauty more important in our society today? Is external beauty a more appealing characheteristic? Or perhaps it's just a sexist thing? If I were male, would I be introduced as an ex-model first and then a physician too? I have a strange suspicion that would not be the case. Being an ex-model would probably not even come into the equation. So why is being an ex-model such a big deal as a female? The funny thing is that fact was raised as an issue in a meeting previously as whether to hire me or not for fear of me being a distraction. So I pose the question again, would such a question be raised if I were male?

Aside from the somewhat perceived positive attributes being an ex-model brings with it, let's be honest there is still a general assumption or stigma that is attached with the word "model". Perhaps the one that annoys me the most, is the assumption or stigma of inferior intelligence. There is no direct or indirect correlation between external physicality and intelligence. I have a number of friends who are ex-models who are investment bankers at top tiered banks / funds or successful women in tech or entrepreneurs. Not once have I ever introduced them as an ex-model. Why? Because what makes them extraordinary women is not the fact that they are externally incredibly beautiful but the fact that they have accomplished what they have with humility, integrity and intelligence. 

Am I trying to shy away from the fact that I am an ex-model? Not at all. It's a part of who I am and towering above most people at 5 ft 11 inches (made a lot worse with my 4 inch heels), there is no running away from that fact. I even use the hashtag on social media. However, being an ex-model is not an all defining charachteristic but merely a single entity in the infinite number of blocks that make up me.

Painful Pointies

There are two things I absolutely love and that's bags and shoes! And when it comes to shoes I am absolutely obsessed with sneakers and pointies. If I could have every single colour  imaginable in a pointie, it would be a dream come true.

So why do I love pointies so much? For me they are classics that go with everything and anything and never go out of style. The downside... They can be rather painful and uncomfortable. Clearly I needed to find a solution. Not being able to buy and wear pointies would be like asking me to live without water! Ok, well maybe I've exaggerated a little but I think you get the point.


So I set off on a Mission about 3 years ago to find the perfect pointie that would be comfortable and not too high (anything less than 10cm heels). Aside from 12cm heels being completely uncomfortable in my opinion, I actually cannot walk in them at all and waddle along like a duck! I can't think of anything worse than a woman walking in heels she can't walk in. Honestly waddling like a duck is far from elegant! I know it's easy for me to give up on the height factor given I'm 1,78m tall and tower over people with even the slightest of heels. But seriously, if one has to choose between height and walking elegantly. I would personally opt for walking elegantly. So after trying several various brand’s, I finally found my favourite two. 

1. Jimmy Choo

There are several pointie pump styles at Jimmy Choo such as the Anouk, Abel, Agnes, Aza to name a few. The Anouk is a 12cm heel, so I have never bothered to try it. I know I would literally just fall over the second I attempt to stand in such high heels! The Aza on the other hand is on the opposite end of the spectrum with a kitten heel with a 5cm heel. I have a pair and had high hopes for this style but sadly it wasn't very comfortable for me despite taking a size up which mind u is a must when buying pointies. As much as I can't walk in 12cm heels, I actually can't walk in 5cm heels either! The ones I have are patent leather and guys patent leather doesn't really stretch! So if you are buying an expensive pair of shoes and want a good run out of them for your money, don't get patent leather in my opinion. 

The Abel and the Agnes are usually a 10cm and a 8.5cm heel respectively. Honestly I love them both. They are Super comfy and are a great staple to have in your wardrobe. I first bought a black followed by a nude pair. Black and nude are closet essentials and go with everything! It's no surprise that I am now into more fun colours given I have my basics covered. The only problem for me is that I am miss big foot (a size 41 but need a size 41.5 or 42 for pointies), making buying shoes especially Choos a challenge. That being said if you are big foot, Choos are a lot easier to come by than my second favourite pair of pointies from Loubitoun. Moreover Choos do have a slightly cheaper price tag. 

2. Christian Loubitoun

Saying that Loubitoun heels are comfortable, might make most of you laugh out loud given that we both know these shoes are synonymous with the word uncomfortable. I must admit my very first pair of red bottoms were 12cm peep toe heels that looked gorgeous. The only reason I could walk in them was because they had a slight platform. However I could only walk in them for a mere 10 minutes, at which point my poor feet literally died! It was if the blood circulation to my toes were being cut off. These shoes would honestly make a good tool if you ever wished to torture someone. Unsurprisingly I no longer wear these shoes as I love myself too much to inflict that amount of pain onto myself. The shoes had cost a bomb! An absolute waste of money. Lesson learnt. After that day I vowed to never buy another pair again no matter how alluringly good they looked.

Of course being the silly fashion victim I am though, I am still in love with red bottoms. Nothing looks sexier than a pair of red bottoms and I envy the women that can parade around in them all day and survive the pain.

One fine day, walking around in Saxs 5th Avenue as you do when you're in the Big Apple, I saw the most incredible pair of spiked pointy pigalles with a 8.5cm heel. They were to die for! All logic and past memories flew out the window. I was mesmerised. I needed to try them out and luckily for me they had a size 42! It was my lucky day! And when I tried them out, they were actually comfortable! A lucky day indeed. So I bought them!

A bit sceptical that I wouldn't be able to survive wearing them for a whole night or day for that matter I braved them out to dinner one night. And what do you know....they were actually super comfy!!! I am now officially an addict. Too bad trying to find this heel height and style in a size 42 is mission impossible. The horrid curse of big feet.

I decided to try other styles of pointies to see if I could find another comfortable option , and I did. The other two styles I recommend are the Apostrophe Slingback in a 5.5cm heel and the the Décolleté 554 in a 8.5cm heel. For the Décolleté, my size is a 41.5 so if you're like me you may only need a half size up instead of a whole size up.

I know some of you might be wondering why I have not mentioned the Valentino Rock Stud pointies in this list given I do love them loads and am always actively trying to find another colour in my size. However they are slightly uncomfortable and I honestly can't survive in them for a whole day but merely a couple of hours.

What are your favourite pointies and why? I'm always on the look out for great pointies!

Red Pleats #Love

So when the whole pleats thing became a trend, I wasn't convinced that is was for me. It just wasn't my style until I waltzed into Zara one afternoon and found this beautiful red pleated skirt. It was love at first sight! The skirt literally screamed "Buy me! Buy me!". So naturally I listened ;)

The cries of "Buy me! Buy me!" quickly became "Wear me! Wear me!" resulting in this cool casual street ensemble sporting another in season trend of the bomber jacket.

What are your thoughts on pleats? Love it or hate it? Post a comment below and let me know.

I personally love it! Now I want the white pleated skirt too that's at Zara. Gonna pop it into my list of items to buy at the next sale!


Top: Zara Skirt: Zara

Jacket: Pinko Bag: Vuitton

 Sneakers: Isabel Marant Sunglasses: Bvlgari (similar)

Makeup Meltdown

Living in 30+ degree heat with severe humidity is tough! It definitely makes looking good a challenge. I usually leave the house early in the morning with somewhat immaculate makeup, only to discover that at some point midway through the day the makeup has literally melted on my face leaving me looking rather dishevelled and not quite so put together.

So how does one overcome the makeup meltdown? A makeup setting spray! It really makes a huge difference. So thankful to one of my best friends for letting me know about this gem of a secret.

Which ones do I recommend? 

1. Clarins: Fix Make Up

By far the best makeup setting spray I've tried to date. By the end of the day my makeup is still perfectly in place. The bad news however is the product is not available in Singapore but can be found online here in the UK.

2. Urban Decay: All nighter 

Urban decay has three setting sprays. The All Nighter, the De Slick (oil control setting spray) and the Chill (cooling and hydrating setting spray). I haven't tried the De Slick given I have dry skin, but have tried the Chill. The Chill is okay but not hydrating as claimed and definitely not as effective as the All Nighter.  The All Nighter works incredibly well and makes a great alternative to the Clarins Fix Make Up. For a great pick me up and fresh feel in the morning, keep the setting spray in the fridge!

If you've tried any other makeup setting sprays that work well or have tried one of the the above, let me know your thoughts by popping a comment in the comment box below.

Jungle Fever

Since the premiere of the The Jungle Book movie last month, there has been the launch of the Kenzo Jungle Book collection plus a beautiful new collection from Vuitton called Tropical Journey taking inspiration from the jungle. It thus comes as no surprise that I caught Jungle Fever too! My jungle inspired look consists of a tropical green and black jumpsuit paired with simple black sandals for an effortless casual dressed down look.


Jumpsuit: H&M (similar) Necklace: Vuitton

Belt: H&M (similar) Bag: Gucci

 Sandals: Gucci (similar) Sunglasses: Ray-Ban