How to Shop the Online Sales

Its that time of year again and all our favourite shops and online retailers are on sale! The problem however is we're spoilt for choice especially when we're shopping online. I have over 12 fashion retail apps on my iPhone such as Net-a-Porter, Outnet, Farfetch, Lyst etc. to name a few!

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So how do you make the most of the sales online or keep an eye out for that piece you love to go on sale? Simple, use a curated online fashion retailer. My preferred app and online platform is ShopStyle. Here's why:

1. Easy to use. You don't need to be a "techy person" to navigate your way through the app or the website.

2. Search for items among the thousands of retailers that they curate from instead of individually checking each online retailer.

3. Filter according to designer, size etc. and customize your "own shop" based on the brands you love. You can also filter according to sales and deals.

3. If you sign up as a user, you can favourite things that you love so you can find them again with ease.

4. Found something you love but the price tag is steep and its not yet on sale? Put a sale alert on the item so that when it does go on sale, you'll automatically get an email and in-app notification. This has to be by far my most favourite function!

5. On the website, the curated list shows voucher codes for free delivery or further discounts (if available)  that can be added to your cart.  I heart this function as I'm a big fan of free delivery since I live in Singapore and benefit from not having to pay VAT for goods purchased under SGD400. Worst case scenario if your goods are over SGD400, you only pay 7% VAT. Score! Either way it actually works out cheaper to shop online then in the stores. Although this function is not on the app, one can easily filter results under discounts to "free delivery" on the app.

6. Easily identify items that are on sale in your curated list.

The downside?

1. Curated list of items can occasionally be out of stock or the size filter (for shoes in particular) can be inaccurate. My pet hate since I am an Italian size 41-42 big foot! The struggle is real!

2. Not being able to have a single checkout point. If you want to purchase more than one item from different retailers, you need to check out at each retailer separately. I can't think of anything more frustrating then trying to process an online payment for something! And to do it more than once... no thanks.

For those of you that want to try out the ShopStyle app you can download it by clicking on the relevant button below:

If you have a different curated fashion retailer app that you prefer, pop a comment below and let me know.