9 Reasons Why You Should Visit #LVSeries3

Whether you’re a die-hard LV fan (as myself) or not, the exhibition is bound to blow you away. Here’s why and why you should visit:

1. A culmination of the past and present of LV with iconic trunks of the past. An awe inspiring journey and walkthrough with a dedicated tour guide. Although the guided tour is not mandatory, I would strongly recommend it. You get to learn more about the brand and its heritage.

2. A look into the creative process and inspiration of Nicolas Ghesquiere. Its no wonder this room is called “Master Mind”!

3. Experience what its like to be a LV artisan bringing the Petit Malle and the Dora to life. And if you have some time to spare, take a seat at one of the four benches to get the full experience. If you don't have the chance to sit at both, pick the Petit Malle bench. That being said, I must confess I am a tad bit Petit Malle obsessed.

4. Be a part of the LV AW 15/16 fashion show. Multiple full size portrait screens display the looks from the show. Walk around or simply take a seat. Either way, be amazed.

5. Take a closer look at some of the iconic LV accessories of the past and the present AW 15/16 collection displayed on life sized mannequins of muse Marte Mei. Once again my favourite piece in the room was... yup you guessed it... the Petit Malle!

6. Feel what its like to be in LV wardrobe heaven with pieces displayed from the AW 15/16 collection. A key limited edition piece on display was a custom SG50 red crocodie Petite Malle. With only a few made and 2 left to purchase. It's hot property! 

7. See a French atelier hard at work creating the much loved Petit Malle. Not only do you get to see how the bag is assembled but you learn about how the bag came to be and what it pays tribute to. The best part is that you can ask the atellier any question you have. Hands down, my favourite room! I wonder why ;)

8. Coffee, champagne and snacks at a LV inspired lounge! At this point, the experience was just sublime. I must confess though that the coffee wasn't great, but hey that's what happens when u don't stick with a glass of Veuve Brut yellow label. Might go back tomorrow and get that glass! Who's coming with?

9. Get your own set of LV letter stickers to create your very own personalised LV initials. There's a whole wall of stickers! Plus if you head to the store at Marina Bay Sands #B2-36, you can get a poster as a token of the experience.

Ready to experience it for yourself?

Here's what you need to know:

Date: 28 November 2015 - 23 December 2015

Venue: Crystall Pavillion South, The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands

Book: Eventbrite (Note: You will need to book even if you dont want to go on a guided tour)

Price: FREE

Once you've visited let me know what your favourite part of the exhibit was by posting a comment below.