Traditional V Day Gift Makeover

Valentine's Day is just a few days away, and trying to find that perfect gift can seem an impossible task.  But it's not only Valentine's Day that can be tough, given a good friend of mine frequently asks for advice on what to buy when it comes to his loved one. So, I figured why not re-look at 5 of the traditional gifts and jazz them up.

1. Flowers

As clichéd as they are, flowers are always a must in my opinion. They always manage to put a big smile on my face and brighten my day. And guys a helpful hint, don’t just wait till Valentine's Day or special occasions to give flowers, give them any time.

If you wanna change things up and steer away from the classic red roses, why not try a bouquet of tulips. Currently loving the “The Marissa” tulip bouquet from ABetterFlorist.

PRICE: SGD 81   (Source:

PRICE: SGD 81 (Source:

2. Macaroons

I personally couldn’t think of receiving anything better to be honest. I am obsessed with macaroons. My all time favourite are the pistachio ones from Laduree. If you haven’t tried them, you really should! Maybe try them after you have gifted them, cause if you are anything like me you will run the risk of eating them and needing to go out and buy more. They really make a great change from receiving chocolates. Plus they are packaged in the most beautiful of boxes at Laduree. You definitely can’t go wrong!

PRICE: SGD 23.70   (Image Source:   Unknown)

PRICE: SGD 23.70 (Image Source: Unknown)

3. Wallet

I know what you are thinking... a wallet? How boring. I couldn’t agree more but then I came across this adorable Marc Jacobs card wallet adorned with hearts and I absolutely loved it. I had to put it on the list!  Its fun, its valentiney and it’s practical for us ladies to hold our essential cards in a clutch.

PRICE: SGD 142.36   (Source: Noordstorm)

PRICE: SGD 142.36 (Source: Noordstorm)

4. Teddy bear

A teddy? Yes, but what I’m suggesting isn’t exactly a teddy. It’s a Fendi bag bug. It's fun and makes for a great bag accessory. My favourite is the minty bag bug. It’s worth noting that they are quite pricey but that’s because they're made from real fur. If you or your other half is against fur in any way, then this gift would be a no go. If you’re not against fur and find the bag bugs a bit too fun, then you can always opt for a personalized ABC charm, which is just as gorgeous.

PRICE: MINTY BAG BUG (L) GBP 545 ; ABC L CHARM (R) GBP 400   (Source: Fendi)

PRICE: MINTY BAG BUG (L) GBP 545 ; ABC L CHARM (R) GBP 400 (Source: Fendi)

5. Jewelry

Jewelry is always a winner but can be super costly especially if you have a budget. So as the fashion obsessed person that I am, I managed to find a piece of costume jewelry from Montblanc that’s young, stylish and simple.

PRICE: GBP 95   (Source: Montblanc)

PRICE: GBP 95 (Source: Montblanc)

So, what are you getting the love of your life on Valentine's day? Post a comment below. Would love to know. And in case you’re curious what I’m getting for Valentine's day, I’m getting a bear! ;)

For all the ladies reading, feel free to share the link with you know who. After all sharing is caring right? ;)