Fashion Phone Game: Top 9 iPhone 6 cases

I use my phone 24/7 and when I don't have it I feel naked! It's my go to for everything and an intergral part of my everday life. So I guess it's not too surprising to have found myself obssessively searching for the perfect case to replace my much beloved worn out Lanvin one. Needless to say the search was painful, tedious and long! Many hours were spent trolling on what felt like a million and one e-commerce sites. On the bright side, I did manage to narrow it down to 9 of my favourite cases. Here they are:

Now that you've seen them all. Which one would you go for to up your fashion phone game? Leave a comment below and let me know your pick.

Personally, I am loving the Fendi Karlito Case. Its beautiful, fun and elegant BUT at that price I don't even think Santa would wanna get it for me for Xmas! Not to mention that fox fur is not the most practical material to be on a phone you use everday. So that leaves it to be a toss up between the Red Vuitton Folio Case and the Stella McCartney Medallion Case in Rosewood. Tough desicions of a fashion loving tech junkie.